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down the escalator. i didn't get on the train. pulling out of the station. they said it would be two hours late. pulling out. >> eric: leave it there. good story. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> bret: republicans consider breaking one promise to keep another. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. we are 35 days and six hours from the end of the year. the realization of an ultimatum created to be so distasteful, washington power brokers would do anything to avoid it. i'm referring to the so-called fiscal cliff. you may have heard about it. it's the simultaneous convergence of tax increases and spending cuts designed to pressure lawmakers accepting other negotiated deficit
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reduction changes. it includes expiration of the bush era tax cuts that would effect everyone. expiration of the tax cut around for years can be called a tax increase. the nonpartisan budget office would bring in $1 trillion in ten years. on tap, 1.2 trillion in spending cuts for ten years. $100 billion in first year. half to defense programs. half to nondefense. cbo says going off the cliff would lead to a recession next year. we have fox team coverage tonight. ed henry is trying to read tea leaves on a day of mixed signals from all sides but we begin with mike emanuel on the possibility that g.o.p. lawmakers may put their oath of office above a promise to antitax increase organizer. good evening. >> good evening. the republican sources say
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they are offering a balanced approach of significant spending cuts and some revenue without boosting tax rates. >> we have been responsible as we remain firm on this point. no tax increases now for promised spending cuts that won't materialize later. the american people have seen that game before. they won't be fooled again. >> the top republican on the senate budget chel explained the g.o.p. plan to bring in more money. >> eliminate all kind of loopholes and gimmicks and increase revenue without raising the top marginal rate. that most economists say would hurt the economy if we were to do it. >> the republicans are being confronted in the fiscal cliff negotiations about the no new taxes pledge, which of them signed. now lawmakers are pushing back. >> # $16 trillion in debt the only pledge we should make to each other is to avoid becoming brief. republicans should put revenue on the table.
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he agrees with grover norquist that the tax rates shouldn't be increased and says norquist is wrong capping deductions to buy down the debt. >> graham has been saying raising taxes to give politicians more money to continue spending doesn't solve any problem at all. it's not a piece of solving the problem. >> allowing tax cuts to expire generate average of $82.4 billion a year and would run the government for 8.5 days. the reality is similar to what romney laid out in the campaign. my plan is bring down rates and deductions at the same time so revenue stays in. we bring down rates to get people working. >> they are meeting with ceos, caterpillar and goldman sachs and other key
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players on the fiscal issues. erskine bowles, coauthor of the simpson-bowles plan, they want the business community to hear their ideas after president obama met with ceos two weeks ago. a big deal should include spending cut and reforms. >> chief white house correspondent ed henry is reporting that both sides cannot agree on whether they are still talking. >> the republicans suggest fiscal talk hit impasse and demand that president obama show leadership to break it. >> we'll wait on the president and hope he can bring people together to forge a compromise. if he does, we will get there and if he doesn't, we won't. that simple. white house released a report on cyber monday warning that a deadlock would crush retailer and devastate consumer spending, white house spokesman carney pushed back
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on the idea that the talks are stalled, as well as that the president is not showing leadership. >> so he spent mixed signals on the white house willingness to make concessions. >> he is clear about the president's interest and willingness to compromise. but also, his clear insistence that he will not sign an extension of the bush era tax cuts for the top 2%. >> democratic lawmakers are sending mixed signals whether they can embrace big spending cuts in addition to the tax hike. >> we need to put evening on the table. >> but dick durbin expressed concerns if raising edge for medicare. >> there will be gaps in coverage.
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>> another chairman max baucus told the newspaper in his home state the wish list for the debt talk includes more money. tax credit for wind farms in montana, protecting rural hospitals and ending the estate tax. others are going further urging the president to allow the nation to dive off the cliff with the automatic touch to pentagon -- cuts to pentagon ib stead of to domestic programs. >> on the question of leadership, the white house aides say the past weekend, the president called both senator reid and speaker boehner to get things going. there is a talk of a immediating at the white house later this week. >> ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. stocks were mixed. the dow lost 42. nasdaq gained ten. they are still trying to find a deal for bail-out money for
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greece. they failed to reach an agreement twice in two weeks. mary schapiro is leaving next month. she will be replaced by the sikh commission member elite walter. you may want to let go of your mouse and pay attention the next story. you and your fellow americans are expected to spend well in the ten figure range today. during the online shopping blitz known as cyber monday. that is a lot of cash. that is not taxed at the in-person rate. james rosen. >> the cyber monday rush to p.c., iphone android poses little threat to the black friday stampede to brick and mortar stores but the numbers are starting to turn. >> we now have one in ten discretionary dollars spent
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online. >> physical retailer saw foot traffic decline by 2%. with 100 million people expected to make $1 million in online purchases this cyber monday, old debate resurfaces like a pesky pop-up ad over why online retailers enjoying a pricing advantage of 10% are not required as the physical stores are to create state sales taxes. >> every retailer should play by the same set of rules. either all pays sales tax or nobody should. >> there is the marketplace equity act. if enacted the states would see the revenue of a quarter of trillion dollars. a few retailers and lawmakers weary to be branded as tax hikes kept the e-fairness at
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e-bay. >> the states aren't represented directfully congress. members of the house and senate have their own constituencies. >> if states have laws enabling the online and catalog retailers to collect state sales tax voluntarily. the next section could rewrite the rules on ecommerce. >> the federal government says u.s. and other nations seized 132 domain names that were selling counterfeit merchandise. ice officials say the website duped consumers to buying bogus items. syria used distraction of fighting between israel and palestinians to resupply government troops in syria. correspondent leland vittert has the evidence.
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>> bretevidence >> reporter: they have been firing off and appearing ready for battle. the western intelligence sources tell fox news the men are ire rainian revolutionary guard troops coming to help bashar assad in the syria long civil war. they have exploited the attention on syria to ramp up the flight. often sending ton of ammunition, weapon and equipment multiple times a week. they are flying via rocky air space. the u.s. put pressure on iraq. iraq is inspecting the planes but sources say it's done on the return flight. when the plane is empty to appease the u.s.
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keep the flight coming. 18 months since the civil war. deflection from the syrian army means that assad has less well-trained men. >> recent rebel takeover have robbed the soldiers of equipment. and the army is running low on ammunition. >> while diplomatic pressure from united states is the only thing to stop iran shipments via iraqi air space, in israel they take a more proactive approach. last month, the jewish state bombed iranian owned weapon facility in sudan. sources say it was used by iran to store rockets before shipping them north to hamas and islamic jihad. >> bret: former israeli prime minister says he is leaving his defense minister post after january election. he has been called the leading
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>> bret: the obama administration is expressing concerns about the power grab by egypt's president. mohammed morsi is insisting he acted within the rights when he granted himself sweeping powers last week. correspondent steve harrigan has the latest from cairo. >> egypt president mohammed morsi is looking for a way out the fire storm he created thursday when he claimed the orders were not subject to review by egypt's court that move sparked four days of violent street in egypt. in the protest, 13 offices of
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the muslim brotherhood, morsi's chief supporters were ransacked or set on fire. morsi met today with senior judges from the judiciary council looking for a compromise to halt the violence. aides say morsi might be willing to limit the scope of his decree, but not withdraw it entirely. morsi supporters say the increased powers are only temporary, until a new constitution is completed. opponents say it's a power grab and part of an attempt to instill islamic law in egypt. >> we demand the president listen to people who chose it. people elected him so he would defend the people. not to do what he pleases. >> the administration was careful with the words. not overly critical. we raised concerns. that in part answers the questions. >> they reach out for the direct communique to president
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morsi to act. what are you doing, what is this? >> the president as you know, spoke on numerous occasions with president morsi over the violence in gaza. and had spoken to him before that and will continue to speak to him going forward. >> secretary of state hillary clinton called her egyptian counterpart monday to discuss the situation. the officials reiterated what needs to be done. >> we want to see the constitutional process move forward in a way that does not overly concentrate power in one set of hands that ensures that rule of law, checks and balances. protection of the rights of all groups in egypt. >> opponent's of morsi dug in around tahrir square. announced plans for major street protests tuesday. morsi supporters canceled the plan's march to avoid violence. with no clear compromise and more protest scheduled for tomorrow, many schools and businesses have shut down fearing violence.
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bret? >> bret: steve harrigan in cairo. thank you. more on this with the panel. president obama press secretary says the commander-in-chief will make a decision about afghanistan troop levels in coming weeks and months. national security correspondent jennifer griffin looks at the possibilities for next year and beyond. >> defense secretary leon panetta will hold a video teleconference tuesday with his top general in afghanistan, john allen. among the pressing issues, how many u.s. troops will they recommend the president keep in afghanistan next year and beyond 2014? the president and slice president campaign for the war to end. >> there is no reason why americans should die, when afghans are perfectly capable of defending their own country. >> we are leaving. we are leaving in 2014. period. >> the war is likely to drag on two more years. general allen is asked to keep 50,000 troop troops in afghanisn through next year's fighting
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season. >> the defense officials are floating the idea of keeping 10,000 troops including about 1,000 special operators to maintain stability and prevent al-qaeda's return after nato leaves. he is preparing for confirmation for the next hearing when he was swept in the petraeus e-mail scandal. the inspector general is investigating. >> jennifer griffin, thank you. still ahead, director of national intelligence changes his story. first, we go to point pleasant beach, new jersey, four weeks after hurricane sandy. victor! victor!
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>> bret: new life for another challenge to obamacare. the u.s. supreme court ordered a federal appeals court in richmond, virginia, to consider a claim by liberty university that the president healthcare law violates the school's religious freedoms. liberty says the claims should be evaluated in light of the supreme court decision of holding the law this summer. $42 billion is new york state's new price tag for super storm sandy. the storm hit exactly four weeks ago. tonight senior correspondent rick leventhal returns where he rode out the storm to show us how it looks now. >> there are waves of water rushing down washington avenue. >> hurricane sandy hit point
3:24 pm
pleasant beach, new jersey, it leveled the dunes. dumping two to three feet of sand on ocean avenue. four weeks later most of the sand is cleared. but just getting started. the white sands hotel suffered extensive damages estimated at over $1 million. a mini golf course was wrecked. toys and stuffed animal prizes are piled up in a parking lot. many homes east of the railroad tracks were swamped and need gut renovation. newer houses like maryland maddens were built higher and survived. people didn't raise the houses here because they said my parents built this house and the water never came in. we are not raising it. put up with it. 50 years later. >> just south of point pleasant, the national guard troops man a check point at the entrance of bay head. only residents and contractors are allowed in.
3:25 pm
the price tag in new jersey is estimated at $29 billion. fema paid out $248 million to some of the 230,000 residents who registered for assistance. maryland madden is one of the few who can. >> it's eerie at night. it's dark. nobody has power in the other houses. >> the white sands hotel is one of the few to reopen. ocean front building need extensive work. they hope to have prepares done by late spring. >> if you were in the storm zone, have you recovered yet? let me know on twitter. long ilan detectives look in to a report that confetti tossed in the macy's thanksgiving day parade contained shredded police documents. an attorney said he noticed some of the paper had social security and license plate
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapeline. we talk about the taxes with the looming fiscal cliff. this as president obama's
3:30 pm
aides owe bunch of back taxes. abc did the story in january. the i.r.s. released the federal employee and the retiree delinquently inventory and it shows 36 of obama's aides owe $833,970 in back taxes. other government employees owe a lot too. at the epa, 413 people owe more than $19 million. 185 employees owe $3 million in back taxes. five people at the tax court owe $62,508. there has been no followup by abc or any other organization. there is no word of update from the u.s. government. or a follow township the i.r.s. report might be
3:31 pm
available. they want teenagers to get faster track for morning after pill. they want them to make advanced prescriptions available to girls under 17. current federal policy bands sales of the pills to girls under 17. so having a prescription on hand could let them obtain emergency contraception quic quickly. saudi husbands receiving the text message alerts if their wives attempt to leave saudi arabia. the saudi author and journalist said they are held in slavely there. this is used to keep women in prison. under a strict interpretation, the women are not allowed to leave audaud. without permission from their male guardian. finally, comedian jamie foxx caused a stir when he said this at the soul train music awards.
3:32 pm
>> first, give an honor to god. and our lord and savior, barack obama. >> bret: fox isn't the first to make a comparie "examiner" ra poster sold at the democratic convention called the president prophecy fulfilled. increasing scrutiny of the director of the national intelligence tonight over the conflicting accounts of who is responsible for the september 11 terror attack in libya. catherine herridge on the dni under the microscope. >> white house officials say the administration support for clapper, head of the u.s. intelligence remains strong. >> does the president have confidence in dni? >> absolutely. >> over the weekend, they said that they must explain the include reversal. >> i saw the director say didn't know where the talking points were edited and now he is saying that he did.
3:33 pm
it will be interested how that, how that transpired. >> prior to thanksgiving, rare closed sessions, they told them he didn't know who changed the talking point on benghazi. the references to al-qaeda. >> even when you testify in closed session, it's viewed at least by most parties involved as under oath. >> clapper's role is potential live subsumed by the role as a white house staffer. i think that is something that we need a lot more testimony about. especially given that he is flatly contradicted what he told congress. >> even before the controversial reversal of the talking points, conference in early october, they insist the attack came without warning and bristleed at the criticism
3:34 pm
of his office of information and regulatory affairs known as dni. >> i am reading the media clips about the hapless, incompetent dni because i acknowledge that we didn't instantly have a certitude about an event. >> clapper is providing statement to congress about a talking point. they are working to answer the questions. this is the second time that clapper has fallen on the sword for the administration. at the end of september, they said the assessment linking benghazi to anti-islam film was wrong. tomorrow, senator mccain is expected to meet with ambassador susan rice. >> bret: we'll follow. that thank you. >> they landed the new fighter yet on the aircraft carrier that entered service two months ago. rebel troops have apparently not withdrawn from goma in the democratic republic of congo.
3:35 pm
despite a midnight deadline that passed an hour-and-a-half ago. thousands of civilians displaced by the fighting there are swelling the size of the displacement camp 4.5-miles from the city. 36 more shopping days. 29, 36 until the fiscal cliff. 29 more shopping days until christmas. we'll talk about the fiscal cliff part with the fox all-stars when we return. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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a balanced approach to deficit reduction is the right approach. i would say that the president made clear he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts for those making more than 250,000 dollars. >> it's time for the president to present a fan that rises above the reckless and the radical voices on the hard left that goes beyond the
3:39 pm
talking points of the campaign rail. that has a realistic chance of passing the congress. the time for campaigning is over. time for the president to lead. >> bret: some of the back-and-forth on the fiscal cliff and negotiations that are upcoming. if the white house gets its way. all tax cuts on high income earners are let go, expiring, the bush era tax cuts, this is what you are looking at. according to the treasury department it costs the federal government 9.69 billion a day to run the government. the expiration would be $8.24 billion a year on the top earners. roughly $82.4 billion a year. $824 billion in ten years. that would per year run the federal government for 8.5 days a year.
3:40 pm
that is if the tax increase or tax cut expiring go in place. that's where we begin. juan williams and tucker carlson. tucker, set the stage for us. what is happening. >> you saw this clearly. the press secretary said this is what we want. the president accepts nothing less than raising taxes on the rich. people making over $250,000. republicans in the senate said what they want is unclear. what the president wants is bad. in any negotiation, the person who with the clear objective has profound advantage. in the senate, there are very clear point that they won't go. jeff sessions does, ron johnson does. there is confusion out there.
3:41 pm
a point we are trying to figure out what the future of the country is, the budget, they are attacking grover norquist who is elected to nothing? i think the republicans would get a better deal if they let us go over the cliff. >> bret: there are democrats who think that it's advantageous to put them over the cliff so the next congress could come back to say this is a retroactive tax cut. all the semantics. republicans are dealing with this closing loopholes and capping deductions since the campaign. mitt romney ran on this. so did paul ryan. so it doesn't this weekend like a lot of movement there. despite painting the picture they are getting wobbly on taxes. >> what is going on now is
3:42 pm
positioning and posturing. you have to get the big boys here. there are four people and you saw them a week ago at the white house. they were optimistic rhetoric about getting a deal done before christmas, before the december 31 deadline. right now, the logic is, this came out of the meetings that were held between the white house liaison and the head of the staff director and the past week. we need large frames that we can offer to the principl princo when they begin negotiation they know where they are headed. >> bret: a lot of focus on the tax issue. republican side. what we haven't heard is the specifics about what the democrats are willing to do on entitlement reform. >> so given the fact of the election, the democrats believe they have an advantage here. don't sacrifice entitlement. you hear now from the leading
3:43 pm
democrats like dick durbin saying don't go after social security. they are trying to lay out things they don't want touched but there has to be that. the problem with the white house is we haven't heard from the republicans what they are willing to do. >> isn't it the president's deal to bring everyone to the table? >> bret: there is pressure -- >> there is pressure on the president now. >> jonah? >> some of this is ludicrous. enormous amount of the public negotiating by people who aren't privy to negotiations. particularly from the senators. senators have nothing to do with any of this. who care what is lindsey graham's position is? he is not in on the negotiations. the republican and senate aren't in on the negotiations. there is something in the ecosystem in washington that senators cannot resist being part of the story, even when they have no part in the story. this is between house and white house now.
3:44 pm
boehner position strikes me as utterly reasonable. he wants more rev lieu without raising the tax rates. whether that is negotiating strategy or not i don't know. >> bret: david plouffe gave a speech at the university of delaware and crossing about that speech. raising eyebrows. the senior white house advisor repeated president obama opposition to extend the tax cut and those earning more than 250,000 a year. openness to lower what the wealthy pay. that would produce lower rate for the wealthiest. carefully address the chief driver of the deficit, medicare and medicaid. that is from buzzfeed. >> a less sincere sentence never been uttered.
3:45 pm
there is a big constituency for raising taxes on the rich. maybe there shouldn't be. there is. there is no con stitch swin to cut medicare. i don't think they have the intention of doing that. ever growing percentage of the population has no sensebe of what the government cost because they don't pay in the system. a benefit of going over -- >> huge discount from what they are getting back. >> the other person takes three times to out of medicaid what he pays in. the other person has no idea the case. pay cash. >> everybody says they want smaller government. but the minute i say to you, tucker, what about the deduction for the charitable giving this time of year?
3:46 pm
not mine. don't do it to me. >> bret: i mentioned before, mitt romney and paul ryan campaigned on this. they got hammered over not having the specifics on what kind of deductions they were going to cut out. this is mitt romney at the debate. >> my plan is bring down rate and deduction and exemption and credit at the same time so the revenue stays in and we bring down rate to get people working. >> bret: went on to say that capping deductions for upper tier. that is where we are not a surprise. >> they are in shocking disarray. the house republicans are more disciplined so that is why you don't hear house republicans out there talking. you hear people who aren't part of the conversation talking. you know, peter king. nice guy, good guy. i don't know he is -- how many divisions does peter king have?
3:47 pm
i don't know. >> part of this, the republican party has not developed an alternative idea set other than what they were campaigning on. is it their opening negotiation position. >> bret: we will follow every step. next up, update on the political turmoil in egypt and the administration's response. [ whistle blows ] hi victor! mom? i know you got to go in a minute but this is a real quick me, that's perfect for two! campbell's chunky beef with country vegetables,
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are you concerned or critical? >> the policy is a pour choice
3:51 pm
of words. >> what is important here is that the transition to democracy will be achieved by the egyptian people. not by the manner of which we raise concerns. >> you are not condemning what he is doing. >> no new language to give today on the view, what our view on is it. >> the white house is criticizing president morsi is that incorrect? >> we're concerned about it and raised the concerns. >> bret: jay carney at the white house today asked about egypt president, mohammed morsi and his effort last thursday. to say any order he is gives are not subject to review by egypt court. so far one dead and wounding 400 and n protests. and question is the administration response has been.
3:52 pm
you heard semantics there. concern or criticizing. >> yeah. almost, carney seems he would be relieved to be attacked by wild dogs. >> the white house was in a tough place because of the object of the arab spring and the middle east. we have rapid order with muslim dictatorship to have more anti-american notes than the previous egyptian dictato dictatorship. that is a real problem for the obama administration. the simple fact they have not been critical of a country where a guy who is a member of a cultish, theocratic quasi-fascist organization assumed the dictatorial powers over the country. they refuse to be critical
3:53 pm
because they helped with cease-fire and fight between hamas and israel. >> as you imagine, the republican push back on this, and the administration response was fast. john mccain on "fox news sunday." >> renounce the statement and move he just made. allow the judiciary to function. if the judiciary is flawed in some way, that is a ill nose be -- illness cured over time. to assume this power is unacceptable to the united states of america. then we can outline what action might be taken. but first, condemn it. this is not acceptable. this is not what they expect. over dollars will be related to the progress toward democracy. >> senator mccain is helpful here by pointing out that the united states has leverage over egypt. i disagree with jonah on the
3:54 pm
idea id's a new dictatorship in home of the muslim brotherhood. in the negotiation with israe israel, morsi showed he can separate himself out and fact a pragmatic fashion. i don't know if he is represent brotherhood. the next day cashing in the political capital by declaring yourself unimpeachable dictator of the country. >> i guess we know this. there is no question on the matter of human rights. pickerson said we went from guys from mustaches to beards. not a good trade. our goal is not to secure
3:55 pm
democracy for any other company. our goal is to secure the best deal we can. whatever it takes. no advantage to alienate the largest air company in the world. i rarely support obama for anything. but hesitating to attack morsi what we knew he would do. he installed himself as autocrat. how much evidence that the egyptian people want democracy. do we have a ton of evidence on that? i haven't seen it. the point is what is the best for us? it seems to me getting along with egypt is the best for us. >> i don't approve but they will set this. not an american problem. morsi said he inserted, developing a new constitution. he didn't want the legislative branch dissolved by the court. today he met with the judges
3:56 pm
and he is on his heels. he will make a deal. watch. >> bret: charles' seat no less. [ laughter ] stay tuned to see tribute to u.s. service members.
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